JOMER SYMPHONY  ( 2007 -2013 )

Jomer Symphony is a five star luxury embedded Commercial complex, the most beautiful architectural marvel, standing tall at 29 floors, in 1.48 acres of prime land near Vyttila. Jomer Symphony hence stands, overlooking the city of Cochin with an impressive 325000 Sq feet area which comprises of premium Commercial Space and a deluxe 5 star designer hotel.

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JOMER AVALON   ( 2005 2006 )

JOMER AVALON is situated near Ernakulam South Railway station junction, Cochin. This is an apartment complex offering a wide range of choice from 1027 Sqft & 1034 sq ft of 2 bed, 1442 sq ft 3 bed and Pent House each of 1467 sq ft & 1748 sq ft of 4 bed apartments.

JOMER SPLENDOUR   ( 2005 2006 )

JOMER SPLENDOUR is situated at Cheruparambath Rd, Kadavanthra, This spacious 3 bed apartments have areas ranging from sizes of 1690 sq ft to 1708 sq ft.

JOMER HAVEN   ( 2004 2006 )

JOMER HAVEN is situated Off Foreshore Road, Cochin. These spacious 3 bed apartment complex has areas ranging from 1750 to 2500 Sq ft.

JOMER SRINILAYAM   ( 2004 2005 )

JOMER SRINILAYAM is situated at Durbar Hall Road, near BTH, Cochin. This is a premium Apartment cum Commercial Complex project.

JOMER ARCADE   ( 2001 2003 )

JOMER ARCADE is situated at Chittoor Road, Cochin. A total solution for Commercial Spaces in the heart of Cochin City with the first two floors for commercial establishments and the remaining three floors exclusively meant for office spaces.

JOMER RETREAT   ( 1999 2000 )

JOMER RETREAT is situated at Ponneth Temple Road, Kadavantra, Cochin.

JOMER RESIDENCY   ( 1996 1998 )

JOMER RESIDENCY is situated at Raveendran Road, Kadavantra, Cochin,3 bed apartments each with 1300 sq ft area.