ABOUT US

The company was founded in the year 1994 by Mr. M.M. Jose and Mrs. Merin Jose. They visualized providing comfortable, affordable and quality living and commercial spaces in a city that would one day become South India's fastest growing metro. With this in mind, they planned out projects well within the comforts and grandeur of the city of Cochin with a view to give their customers value enhancement on their investment as time draws close to this city's growth as a metro. Today, Jomer enjoys the trust and goodwill of many satisfied customers spread over 8 premium projects that radiate the architectural perfection and expertise of Jomer Properties.

Vision statement
To consistently strive to deliver a highly aesthetic product to the customer, that binds them emotionally with value exceeding their relative expectations, in proportion to what they invest, through inspirational ideas, brought together by expert team work, and thereby create an image, which will become an embodiment of our quality, brand and tradition.

Mission statement
To dedicate to our customers and the city of Cochin, our present Flag Ship project “The Jomer Symphony” which is an embodiment of our philosophy to be an accomplished builder, and the credo in our abilities to launch into higher areas of architectural brilliance, for the modern high performance era.